Book of the Future: A Short Story

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May 16, 2023

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9781733691994 (eBook)

About Book of the Future

This title is a companion zine to the OBSOLESCENCE anthology.

In "Book of the Future", a 1960s small-town librarian is bored with all the books that surround her. She’s memorized every word in her little library and yearns for something new. Something different. Her desire is soon met when she discovers an odd device in the book return drop box. The device is made of glass and metal, it’s thin and reflective, like a mirror. But not like any mirror she’s seen before. This mirror is dark and covered in words. New words. Different words. Countless, endless, changing words…

Cover design by Alan Lastufka and Kris Franklin.

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About the Author

Alan Lastufka is a Hoffer Award-winning author and the owner of Shortwave, an independent small press. He writes horror, supernatural, and magical realism stories.

His debut novel, Face the Night, received a starred Kirkus review, was a finalist for Best New Horror Novel at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, and won the 2022 Hoffer Award for Best Commercial Fiction.

When he’s not writing, or recording with his band, The Caulden Road, Alan enjoys walking through Oregon’s beautiful woods with his partner, Kris.

Kristina Horner is an author who writes contemporary and urban fantasy for young adult and middle grade readers. She runs a small, independent publisher called 84th Street Press through which she has published multiple anthologies. She also created the writing podcast How To Win NaNo, has written for a number of tabletop RPGs, including Vampire: The Masquerade and has been a consistent winner of National Novel Writing Month since 2006.

Kristina lives and works out of her home in Seattle, Washington alongside her husband Joe and their son, Maximus. When she’s not writing, she can be found in her garden or playing board games.

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