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Shakespeare in the Park with Murder

“Dieker builds strong and relatable characters… Full of surprises… Readers will be absorbed…”
Publishers Weekly

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June 27, 2023


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260 Pages (Paperback)


978-1-959565-13-0 (Paperback)
978-1-959565-14-7 (eBook)

About Shakespeare in the Park with Murder

It's a summer of doublets and couplets, Capulets and corpses! Larkin may think she's switched from detecting to directing, but there are surprises in store as she and Ed find themselves spending four hot weeks camping with the cast.

When Larkin Day gets hired as the Interim Artistic Director of the Summer Shakespeare Festival, she expects to spend her summer working with actors and designers as they put together an outdoor production of Romeo and Juliet.

She doesn't expect to spend her summer solving yet another murder—but when the actor playing Romeo is poisoned, Larkin agrees to play detective one more time.

Not because she thinks the show must go on.

Not even because she wants to save her job.

Larkin takes the case—bringing along her boyfriend Ed, her best friend Anni, and the mysterious Jay Malhotra—because she knows the poison wasn't meant for Romeo.

Somebody is out to kill Juliet—and they don't care who else gets murdered along the way.


Praise for the Larkin Day Mystery Series:

“A smart, snarky series… Cozy mystery readers will adore Larkin Day.”
– BookLife, Editor’s Pick

Shakespeare in the Park with Murder News
September 4, 2023
Ode to Murder, the first entry in Nicole Dieker’s Larkin Day Mystery Series, was listed as one of just 36 “Indies Worth Discovering” by Kirkus in their latest print edition…
July 14, 2023
Nicole Dieker’s third entry in the Larkin Day Mystery Series, Shakespeare in the Park with Murder, is IndieReader Approved with a 4.3/5 review…
July 6, 2023
Shakespeare in the Park with Murder, the third entry in Nicole Dieker’s Larkin Day Mystery Series, received a very positive review today from Kirkus…
June 15, 2023
To celebrate the release of Nicole Dieker’s third Larkin Day Mystery, Shakespeare in the Park with Murder, we have partnered with two stores for two exciting launch events…
April 28, 2023
We’re very excited to announce the third book in the Larkin Day Mystery Series, Shakespeare in the Park with Murder…
About the Author

Nicole Dieker is a writer, teacher, and musician. She began her writing career as a full-time freelancer with a focus on personal finance and habit formation; she launched her fiction career with The Biographies of Ordinary People, a definitely-not-autobiographical novel that follows three sisters from 1989 to 2016.

Dieker writes the Larkin Day mystery series. She also maintains an active freelance career; her work has appeared in Vox, Morning Brew, Lifehacker, Bankrate, Haven Life, Popular Science, and more. Dieker spent five years as writer and editor for The Billfold, a personal finance blog where people had honest conversations about money.

Dieker lives in Quincy, Illinois with the great love of her life, his piano, and their garden.

About the Series

A cozy-comedy-nerdy-mathy-theater-geeky mystery series with a lot of jokes and a few scares.

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