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Teleportasm: A Novella

“The modern day Goosebumps for adults.”
Horror Obsessive

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June 25, 2024



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9781959565284 (Paperback)
9781959565291 (eBook)

About Teleportasm

Four friends unearth a unique VHS tape that, when viewed, causes short-distance teleportation with euphoric after-effects, inadvertently launching a perilous trend.

As copies of the original tape are made, the results become less predictable and ultimately gruesome due to analog generational decay. Despite the danger, some will risk everything for just one more trip.

Teleportasm News
November 20, 2023
Today we are announcing a new deal for Joshua Millican’s horror novella, Teleportasm. Teleportasm will be published Summer of 2024 as the third title in our Killer VHS Series…
About the Author

Joshua Millican graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Creative Writing. He became a nationally ranked slam poet and served as Editor-in-Chief of the legacy horror website Dread Central. Joshua is the author of Deeper Than Hell, Septum, and a non-fiction collection of interviews called The Dreadful Years. He also wrote a novelization of Richard Elfman’s cult film Forbidden Zone. When he isn’t writing works of transgressive fiction, Joshua enjoys spending time with his wife and son.

About the Series

A series of books where movie monsters come to life and old VHS tapes summon long-buried evils. You’ll probably survive, as long as you remember to be kind and rewind.

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