May 3, 2023

Ai vs A.I. – Ai Jiang takes on ChatGPT live!

Ai vs AI - Ai Jiang vs ChatGPT

Given the same prompt, who wrote it better? Ai Jiang or ChatGPT?

Angela Y. Smith, the host of Exercise Your Writes, provided the prompts (three in total), Ai Jiang wrote live on cam as she was given each prompt, before the same prompt was run through ChatGPT.

Both Ai’s stories and ChatGPT’s output were then read aloud.

After the live event, we asked Ai about her experience facing off live against ChatGPT. She had this to say:

“The challenge was definitely a fun way to compare and contrast the different ways in which human brains and A.I. processing system function when it comes to storytelling. But I think the best part of artistic creation is the humanity behind each story and the words, and the ways they can bring people together through shared emotions, experiences, and connections.”

Hands down, we think Ai Jiang won all three rounds. But maybe we’re biased, we are publishing her novelette, I AM AI, next month, in which the main character masquerades as an AI writing program to get freelance work.

But, we invite you to watch the livestream above and judge for yourself!

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