April 25, 2023


Alan Lastufka on HWA StokerCon Panel

We’re excited to announce Shortwave founder Alan Lastufka will be included on the StokerCon Panel for Keeping the Artificial out of Art: AI, Bots, and ChatGPT.

The virtual panel will be hosted by C.W. Briar and will feature fellow panelists Donyae Coles, Michael K. Ingram, Jo Kaplan, and Todd Keisling.

For his part, Alan is excited to discuss Shortwave’s upcoming novelette I AM AI, by Ai Jiang. The book—a clever twist on the author’s own name, which is shared by the main character—is about a cyborg Ai in the future, masquerading as an AI writing app to get freelance work. And how she struggles to maintain her humanity while doing so.

He’s also looking forward to discussing how AI-written stories don’t hold up to even the smallest amount of scrutiny:

“The clichéd hands problem with AI art is an easy way to visualize the approximation of storytelling AI is capable of, too; at a quick glance it looks fine, but as soon as you look closer (at the image, into the plot structure/characterization), it falls apart rapidly.”

If you’d like to view the panel, you can buy a seat at the virtual event, or watch it in Pittsburgh at StokerCon, after purchasing a ticket here.

Shortwave has previously committed to not publishing AI-written work, nor using AI-designed cover art for any of our titles.

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