October 12, 2023

CANDY CAIN KILLS reviewed by Booklist

Candy Cain Kills reviewed by Booklist

Booklist recently published their review of Candy Cain Kills by Brian McAuleyCandy Cain Kills is the second entry in our Killer VHS Series.

“With great characters, including authentic LGBTQ and disability representation, multiple points of view, original, bloody, and cinematic kills, a fresh and twisty story with just the right amount of nostalgia, and a perfect dose of dark humor, this book is exactly what it claims to be, “Goosebumps for Grown-ups,” and oh, what fun that is for horror readers.”

You can read the full review in the latest issue of Booklist and we’d like to thank them for their review!

Candy Cain Kills is available to pre-order in paperback and ebook ahead of its November 14, 2023 release date!

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