August 16, 2023

CANDY CAIN KILLS reviewed by FanFiAddict

Candy Cain Kills reviewed by FanFiAddict

Brian McAuley‘s Candy Cain Kills, the second entry in our Killer VHS Series, received a great, thorough review today from FanFiAddict.

“Great deaths, a creepy villain and believably written characters – this is a masterclass in slasher fiction.

Overall, with fantastic twists, superlative kills and a family you can really root for, McAuley has a real treat in store this Christmas for those readers who like their festive celebrations served with a side of severed torso.

On this evidence, Shortwave’s attempt at an adult Goosebumps has real legs…”

Read the full review here.

Candy Cain Kills is out November 14th in paperback and ebook.

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