May 1, 2023

Horror DNA reviews NARCISSUS

Horror DNA reviews NARCIISSUS

Horror DNA recently posted their review of Adam Godfrey‘s debut novella, Narcissus.

They gave the book 4.5 out of 5 stars, saying:

Adam Godfrey writes a positively haunting debut. Taking the classic tropes in the horror of friends on vacation, he does something truly unique and interesting with a seldom-explored myth. Godfrey’s dark entity is a being of fathomless terror and malice, something that strikes through one’s own reflection. It’s a concept that has been done before, but rarely better than Godfrey.

The plot moves along at a nearly-perfect pace and the author imbues all his characters with realistic life. Godfrey’s writing is moving, frightening, and cinematic with character and tension-building moments sprinkled throughout. He knows exactly how to tell an excellent and terrifying story.

Narcissus is a surprise hit of the year, a powerfully frightening novella where nightmares make the greatest reflections of reality.

You can read the full review here.

Or read more about and order Narcissus here.

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