February 14, 2024

New Deal Announcement – LIMELIGHT

New Deal Announcement - Limelight

Today we are announcing the acquisition of Limelight, a collection by Lyndsey Croal.

Limelight is a collection of over twenty high-concept dark science fiction tales from near and far futures.

The title novelette—about a young woman brought back from near death by experimental tech, only to find her parents had her altered before she woke—anchors this collection which features five new exclusive stories alongside popular past works, including:

  • “Hush, Little Sister” (originally published in OBSOLESCENCE [Shortwave Publishing])
  • “Patchwork Girls” (originally published in Dark Matter magazine)
  • “The Medium’s Assistant”, a runner-up in the British Fantasy Society Short Story Competition (originally published in BFS Horizons #16 [British Fantasy Society])
  • “To Replace a Broken Heart” (originally published in Seize the Press magazine)
  • “Rent-A-Baby” (originally published in Thank You for Joining the Algorithm [Tenebrous Press])

Lyndsey’s work explores the bright potential and the dark reality of our near and far futures through the lenses of connection and loneliness, love and heartbreak, autonomy and exploitation, desire and greed, wonder and despair.

Limelight will be published September 2024 in hardcover, paperback, and eBook formats. A cover reveal is forthcoming.

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