November 25, 2022

New Title Announcement – A COLD THAT BURNS LIKE FIRE

We’re excited to announce the new chapbook, “A Cold That Burns Like Fire“, by Caitlin Marceau.

“A Cold That Burns Like Fire” is an erotic-horror reimagining of the French Canadian folk tale “La Chasse-galerie”. Valerie is excited to celebrate Christmas with Celia, her fiancée, ahead of their wedding. Unfortunately, she soon finds herself snowed in without a hope of seeing her beloved… that is until a strange woman, with skin that shimmers like water in the moonlight, rolls in with the storm.

“A Cold That Burns Like Fire” is a complete, standalone short story of about 4,000 words and includes four full-page illustrations by Caitlin Marceau.

Also, as a special bonus: the first 50 orders will receive a hand-signed mini art print. Ten of these will be printed in red ink, the remaining forty will be printed in black ink.

“A Cold That Burns Like Fire” is available exclusively from our shop!

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