October 6, 2022

ODE TO MURDER featured on John Scalzi’s Big Idea

Ode to Murder featured on John Scalzi's Big Idea

Our latest title, Ode to Murder, the first book in the Larkin Day Mystery Series by Nicole Dieker, was featured on John Scalzi‘s The Big Idea today! You can read that feature here.

John Scalzi is a science fiction author, best known for his novel Redshirts, which won the Hugo Award for best novel in 2013. He also frequently writes nonfiction and is a consultant on writing, editing, and marketing.

The Big Idea is a regular feature on his blog, Whatever. The Big Idea allows authors to talk about the central subject of their latest book… what inspired the story, or the characters, or its path to publication, etc.

For Nicole’s feature, his co-blogger (and daughter) Athena Scalzi introduced the piece this way:

Author Nicole Dieker couldn’t solve a mystery in her own life, so she tried to solve one in her newest novel, Ode to Murder. And as her big idea explains, there were plot twists in store for her as she made the attempt.”

To find out which mystery Nicole was trying to solve, how she solved it, and to read more about Larkin, check out the Ode to Murder feature on The Big Idea.

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