Liz Leo

Liz Leo is an internet jack of all trades who writes magical realism and supernatural narrative pieces in all forms—from novel, to short story, to interactive fiction. With a background in graphic design and video production, and a current career working for game industry franchises, she has never run out of ways to tell stories in every type of art form and medium she can get her hands on. In the audio realm she runs the How To Win NaNo podcast with her co-host Kristina Horner, and has been a consistent winner of National Novel Writing Month since 2007.

Liz Leo lives in Seattle Washington in a cottage that has often been described as “out of a fairy tale” and “creepily close to a cemetery”.

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Every millennia or so, this terrifying global catastrophe brings forth a season that zombie hunters everywhere simultaneously hold dear and dread. It is as much a time of creativity and perseverance as it is the worst fucking thing we do to ourselves…
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