Rae Knowles

Rae Knowles is a queer woman with multiple works forthcoming from Brigids Gate Press. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature with a minor in Creative Writing. Storytelling is Rae’s passion. Since a young age, she has leaned toward the dark and strange. Her characters tend to be queer and defy gender norms, and her writing circles around themes of obsession, narcissism, and an unstable reality.

Her debut novel, The Stradivarius, is coming May ’23, her sapphic horror novella, Merciless Waters, is due out winter ’23, and her collaboration with April Yates, Transatlantic, in early ’24. Twelve of her short stories have been published or are forthcoming this year from publications such as Seize the Press, Dark Matter Ink, and Nosetouch Press.


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A bleeding sun rears its angry head over the hills surrounding your childhood holler. You smudge a bit of dirt into your hairline and hurl your suitcase into the open trunk of your mother’s silver van, Mark glaring at you between the headrests…
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