Cover illustrations by Caitlin Marceau. Cover design by Alan Lastufka.

Haunting Lessons: A Short Story

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Publication Date

July 18, 2023



Print Length

12 Pages



About Haunting Lessons

Following his young son's death from cancer, a father shares the methods he used to teach his son how to return as a ghost. Waiting to see if his teaching took hold, the father must learn to live with the results of his actions during his child's final moments.

This chapbook features five full-page illustrations by Caitlin Marceau. The first 100 copies are hand-signed and numbered by the author.

Haunting Lessons News
June 29, 2023
Today we’re excited to announce “Haunting Lessons”, a short story by Patrick Barb, published in this new chapbook featuring five original illustrations by Caitlin Mareau…
About the Author

Patrick Barb is an author of weird, dark, and spooky tales, currently living (and trying not to freeze to death) in Saint Paul, Minnesota. His published works include the dark fiction collection Pre-Approved for Haunting (Keylight Books), the novellas Gargantuana’s Ghost (Grey Matter Press) and Turn (Alien Buddha Press), as well as the novelette Helicopter Parenting in the Age of Drone Warfare (Spooky House Press). His forthcoming works include the themed short-story collection The Children’s Horror (Northern Republic Press) and the sci-fi/horror novel Abducted (Dark Matter Ink).

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