Patrick Barb

Patrick Barb is an author of weird, dark, and horrifying tales, currently living (and trying not to freeze to death) in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He is the author of the novellas Gargantuana’s Ghost (Grey Matter Press) and Turn (Alien Buddha Press), as well as the novelette Helicopter Parenting in the Age of Drone Warfare (Spooky House Press). His forthcoming projects include the dark fiction collection Pre-Approved for Haunting (Keylight Books / Turner Publishing, September 2023), the novella The Nut House (Brigids Gate Press, late 2024), and the novel Abducted (Dark Matter INK, Fall 2024). He is an Active Member of the HWA and a Full Member of the SFWA.

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What if the end of the world happened years ago, decades even, but we missed it because we’d stopped paying attention? If any lifeform on Earth was stubborn enough to persist and persevere in the face of oblivion, I’d put my money on humankind. Sorry, cockroaches and tardigrades!
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June 29, 2023
Today we’re excited to announce “Haunting Lessons”, a short story by Patrick Barb, published in this new chapbook featuring five original illustrations by Caitlin Mareau…