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Have You Decided on Your Question: A Novelette

“Instantly immersive…”
– Ai Jiang, author of Linghun

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Publication Date

April 4, 2023

Print Length

84 Pages (Paperback)


9781959565031 (Paperback)
9781959565048 (eBook)

About Have You Decided on Your Question

If you could live your life over again, what would you ask to change?

Something big?
Something small?
A single moment?

Have you decided on your question?

Zoe has.

Tired of feeling alone and lost, Zoe seeks out an experimental virtual therapy experience from Alternative Reality Tech, which offers patients the opportunity to explore life’s biggest “what if?” questions.

During her first assessment, Zoe glimpses a past in which she would have met the love of her life years ago, if not for a split-second decision. Wanting to explore what could have been, she returns regularly to her alternative life, slowly falling in love with the one that got away.

And so begins a dangerous obsession…


“Lyndsey’s work flows with an insistent, dreamlike adrenaline that pulls you through… as though you’re in a simulation yourself. It is a downward spiral that becomes tighter and tighter wound by the second, until there is a sudden release… This story is instantly immersive—an addiction in itself.”
– Ai Jiang, author of Linghun

“An unnerving, shiver-inducing tale about the dangerous and addictive pursuit of exploring the ‘what ifs’ of our life. Lyndsey Croal’s imaginative story brings a sinister and alarming edge to our everyday daydreams, creating a believable world of accessible artificial stimulation that damages our version of reality.”
– Chloe Timms, author of The Seawomen

Have You Decided on Your Question takes a clever premise and spins it into a taut narrative of regret, loneliness, and obsession. Croal delves into the darker sides of love in this delightfully tense little story and you’ll be turning the pages until the very end. I read it all in one sitting.”
– Nicholas Binge, author of Ascension

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About the Author

Lyndsey Croal is an Edinburgh-based author of speculative and strange fiction. She is a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Awardee and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in over fifty publications, including Mslexia’s Best Women’s Short Fiction 2021, Dark Matter Magazine, Orion’s Belt, and Air and Nothingness Press. Her debut audio drama “Daughter of Fire and Water” was produced by Alternative Stories & Fake Realities and was a Finalist for a 2022 British Fantasy Award.

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