March 30, 2023


Horror DNA reviews Have You Decided On Your Question

Horror DNA recently posted their review of Lyndsey Croal‘s novelette, Have You Decided on Your Question.

They gave the book four stars, saying:

Croal’s writing is beautifully immersive—an intoxicating blend of emotion and longing, with a subtle undercurrent of horror. The writing is subtle, starting with Zoe’s decisions being almost whimsical and emotional. But the core of obsession and darkness soon manifests in frightening ways.

Have You Decided on Your Question? brings a fear of losing control, made so much more terrifying by the idea Zoe might never want to regain it. When she decides on her question, the answer may consume her forever.

And it’s a riveting exploration of what happens when that’s exactly what she wants.

You can read the full review here.

Or read more about and pre-order Have You Decided on Your Question.

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