July 24, 2023

DEATHREALM: SPIRITS Anthology – Complete TOC Revealed

Deathrealm Spirits Anthology Full TOC Reveal

Deathrealm: Spirits, a new horror anthology edited by Stephen Mark Rainey, picks up exactly where Deathrealm magazine left off over 25 years ago!

Deathrealm: Spirits features 20 new ghostly stories (and poems) by some of the best to have ever written in the genre.

The complete Deathrealm: Spirits author list is (in alphabetical order)…

Deathrealm’s Tangled Roots

Deathrealm Magazine Issues

From the late 1980s through the 1990s, Deathrealm, along with Cemetery Dance and several other publications specializing in dark literature, had a sizable following, regularly won awards, and helped propel any number of authors to the next level of success in the business. In its day, Deathrealm achieved a level of credibility that surprised even its harried, sometimes bumbling editor.

The final issue of Deathrealm, #31, came out in Summer, 1997, just over a decade since the first issue had seen the light of day. Ten years; 31 issues; hundreds of writers and artists, many of whom had work from Deathrealm go on to appear in numerous Year’s Best anthologies; awards and accolades. An endeavor that, now 25 years later, I could hardly be more proud of.

In Deathrealm: Spirits, you will find voices old, new, traditional, experimental, quiet, and chaotic. For all the shifting features of the horror world’s façade, the heart beating beneath it, as it always has, sends the darkest blood through its pulsing arteries, some carrying dark shadows of the past, others blazing with new and very intense fire.

Whether this volume proves to be a new beginning or a crown on a long legacy, I do hope the stories here appease your immediate cravings but leave you longing for more.

Stephen Mark Rainey, editor

Deathrealm: Spirits is available now for pre-order in paperback and ebook formats, and will be released on October 17, 2023.

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