Stephen Mark Rainey

Stephen Mark Rainey is the author of Fugue Devil: Resurgence, Blue Devil Island, The Monarchs, Dark Shadows: Dreams of the Dark, and more.

He was the editor of Deathrealm magazine from 1987 to 1997. In its decade-long history, Deathrealm won dozens of awards and featured hundreds of short stories, poems, and essays by authors ranging from the most established professionals to young, aspiring first-timers, many of whom proceeded to carve out names for themselves in the horror/dark fantasy field.

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Stephen Mark Rainey News
August 21, 2023
Today we are revealing the cover for Deathrealm: Spirits, a new horror anthology, edited by Stephen Mark Rainey. 20 all-new stories and poems by the most intense voices ever to weave their way into your waking world…
July 24, 2023
Deathrealm: Spirits, a new horror anthology edited by Stephen Mark Rainey, picks up exactly where Deathrealm magazine left off over 25 years ago! Deathrealm: Spirits features 20 new ghostly stories of the supernatural or preternatural by some of the best to have ever written in the genre…