Cover art by Alan Lastufka.
Publication Date

October 24, 2023



Print Length

32 Pages



About Knockoffs

"Knockoffs" are popping up everywhere. Online, on vacation, and—soon—on your block!

This is the third issue of the Chapman Chapbooks series. Each issue features a complete, standalone short story by Clay McLeod Chapman. The first 100 copies of each issue are hand-signed and numbered by the author.

"Knockoffs" was previously unpublished.

Knockoffs News
October 9, 2023
Today we’re excited to announce the third and final installment in the Chapman Chapbooks series, “Knockoffs”…
About the Author

Clay McLeod Chapman writes books, comic books, children’s books, and for film/TV. His most recent novels include What Kind of Mother and Ghost Eaters.

About the Series

A series of chapbooks featuring original short stories by Clay McLeod Chapman.

View the Chapman Chapbooks series page.

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