Cover art by Trevor Henderson. Layout and typography by Alan Lastufka.
Publication Date

July 30, 2024



Print Length

80 Pages


978-1-959565-32-1 (Paperback)
978-1-959565-33-8 (eBook)

About Stay on the Line

After a small coastal town is devastated by a hurricane, the survivors gravitate toward a long out-of-service payphone in hopes of talking out their grief and saying goodbye to loved ones, only for it to begin ringing on its own. As more townspeople answer the call, friends and family believed to have been lost to the storm begin searching for a way back home.

This novelette features several new illustrations by Trevor Henderson.

Stay on the Line News
March 21, 2024
Today we are revealing the cover for Stay on the Line, a novelette by Clay McLeod Chapman, featuring six full-page illustrations by Trevor Henderson…
December 4, 2023
Today we are announcing the acquisition of Stay on the Line, a novella by Clay McLeod Chapman, with illustrations by Trevor Henderson…
About the Author

Clay McLeod Chapman writes books, comic books, children’s books, and for film/TV. His most recent novels include What Kind of Mother and Ghost Eaters.

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